John Sellards immersed himself in the world of music before he could even walk. The experience of listening to records and looking at cover art left an indelible impression on him that now manifests itself in his work in the music business and beyond: he understands not only the music and the artist, but the context as well.

He has worked on many regional, national, and international music projects over the past decade, primarily as a designer but occasionally in other capacities such as reissue producer or disc transfer engineer. John normally handles photo restoration work as well, and has considerable experience restoring faded color materials.

Type collection and digitization has been a special area of expertise for John, as he has contributed vintage type to many projects, both his and for a network of colleagues in the industry. He has also redrawn numerous label logos from years past, and has a sizable library of them on hand in clean vector format.

John was previously the creative director at a major university throughout a nearly 15-year career in higher education and gained extensive experience in campaign and book design, cross-media conceptualization, team management, audio/video production, and writing.

He and his wife Chrissy have a young son, Rocco, and live near Boston.